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North Carolina State University


Since its founding in 1887, NC State has developed into a vital educational and economic resource, with more than 34,000 students and 8,000 faculty and staff.

As a research-extensive land-grant university, North Carolina State University is dedicated to excellent teaching, the creation and application of knowledge, and engagement with public and private partners. By uniting their strength in science and technology with a commitment to excellence in a comprehensive range of disciplines, NC State promotes an integrated approach to problem solving that transforms lives and provides leadership for social, economic, and technological development across North Carolina and around the world.


Wherever it starts — in a lab on campus, in a field in rural North Carolina, on an island in the Pacific — NC State research finds the same destination: the real world. NC State faculty and students engage with real problems, and they find real solutions. These researchers have developed energy-saving smart transformers and life-saving bomb sensors, handheld radiation detectors and cancer-killing nanodaisies. NC State research gets results.

The grand challenges facing the world don’t mimic the neat organizational structure of a traditional university. Every day, NC State is finding new ways to bridge the disciplines, from hiring faculty in interdisciplinary clusters to launching a new College of Sciences to make collaboration easier.

NC State is a recognized leader in research commercialization. NC State’s recognition by the Milken Institute in their 2017 report “Concept to Commercialization” as being one of the top universities in the nation for technology transfer continues to be cited worldwide. Worthy of note is the geographical distance between NC State and NC State’s closest Milken ranked peers. There are no others in North Carolina, and none in the following states:

  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Washington DC
  • Georgia
  • Tennessee
  • Kentucky
  • South Carolina
  • Alabama
  • Mississippi
  • West Virginia

Industry Partnerships:

NC State understands that world-changing research and scholarship are built on innovative partnerships, and they have shown time and again that those partnerships create jobs and improve lives by driving cutting-edge discoveries to market.

During the last few years, NC State has emerged to lead nine federally funded public-private efforts: rolling out a national smart grid, pioneering wearable nanotech to monitor health outcomes, building the next generation of power electronics, improving the efficiency of advanced manufacturing and nuclear reactors, developing novel techniques for data analysis, halting the spread of nuclear weapons and helping farmers adapt to climate change.